Driving Privileges with a Lawyer

In some situations, a fight against law enforcement and the Department of Motor Vehicles may occur. Each agency requires a separate hearing or case that is not connected to the other in most states. To ensure the best possible assistance is obtained to assist with these issues, a capable defense lawyer is often necessary. The ability to regain a driver’s license and driving privileges is usually at stake in these situations. Without assistance, severe penalties may be issued.

Accidents and Loss of Driving Privileges

When a person has even a minor traffic accident, tickets for speeding or other similar transgressions, it is possible to lose the privilege to drive a vehicle. In many states, even lesser crimes are taken seriously with all possible penalties and fines issued to the transgressor. Penalties of extensive fines, jail or prison terms and points added to a driving record may arise through these actions. Convictions of traffic offenses may also merit other penalties depending upon the severity of the crime and the circumstances surrounding the case.

Consequences of Some Crimes

Implications of conviction may differ by state, but some start at specific amounts for fines as well as jail or prison terms issued. Reckless driving often has penalties in fines up to $2,500 in addition to a year or less in jail or a state prison. Driving privileges may also be removed for as much as six months after all other penalties have been completed. For DUI cases, the convicted person may be required to obtain and pay for an ignition interlock device that does not allow them to drive without blowing air into it to check blood alcohol levels beforehand. Speeding usually is accompanied by fines through tickets unless the driver is evading an arrest by law enforcement or traveling at excessive speeds. These crimes often come with jail or prison terms.

For those that decide to drive with their license suspended, additional penalties may be issued. These crimes are considered just as serious as the original offense that caused the suspension. Some states may issue fines up to $2,500 and a year in jail or prison in addition to what was originally issued for the first crime committed. This usually also requires additional months or years added onto the suspension of the license. The time may be added on, doubled, tripled or remain the same depending upon state law and other factors. When someone drives with a suspended license, these offenses are usually on a person’s driving record for up to eleven years after the conviction. This usually causes an increase in automobile insurance or a removal from the company with discontinued coverage.

The Need for Legal Assistance

Some drivers who are accused and arrested for these crimes may decide they do not need a lawyer in these proceedings. Simply pleading guilty may be the fastest way to end a case, but it is usually the most costly in the long run. A legal representative may explain all the options that are available, answer any questions about the case and situation and deliver an efficient defense. Even if a lawyer is not hired to represent the defendant in court, it is important to consult one to go over all routes.